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To wear or not to wear? That is the question with a clear answer.

This topic has become one of the most discussed amongst women all over the Internet, and there are many controversial data and research in this field. However, all experts say almost the same main thing – the correct size of a comfortable, high-quality bra is safe for wearing for any women without initial health problems related to breasts.

In order to prevent any possible issues related to bra’s negative influence here are the things, you should avoid by all means:

  • Wearing bra while sleeping
    You can not control your body position during your sleep, thus you may lay in a certain position where your bra’s straps cut into your skin and therefore harming a blood circulation at the overly pressed areas. Besides, your skin, being tightened by the bra has lack of air ventilation during all night. You better wear something loose and breathable for comfortable and healthy rest.To wear or not to wear
  • Wearing padded and underwire bra too often
    It’s obvious that padded bra must not be worn too often as pads create an additional pressure on breasts tissues. The same is fair for underwire bra where wire, being rigid, whatever the perfect size of bra is, will inevitably cause excessive pressure on the skin. This affects healthy blood flow in smallest vessels. It’s not a big deal if underwire bra is worn from time to time, but it may cause certain harm to tissues if worn constantly, especially when the curve of the wire doesn’t match the curve of your breasts.      
  • Wearing adhesive bras all day long
    Again, it’s the matter of skin’s healthy breathing, which is impossible under the adhesive silicone layer of the bra.To wear or not to wear bra
  • Wearing the wrong size of bra
    Needless to say, but you should always remember that overly tight bras are a number one enemy for your breasts. Excessive pressure caused by the bra gradually harm tissues’ blood supply, which eventually may lead to serious issues. Even if this is you favorite bra but it doesn’t fit anymore due to changes in your body shape or breasts size, it’s in your interests to resist the wish to wear it.To wear or not to wear bra

If those recommendations are followed, wearing your beautiful bras is completely safe and even beneficial for breasts. 

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Open shoulders dress or one-shoulder top is a wonderful outfit option for the most feminine, romantic look. In order to make this look perfect, the right type of bra is needed. Actually, you could choose whatever the type of cups you prefer, but it’s obvious that straps should not be seen on your shoulders.

That is why bra with clear straps is for you to help. Made of thin high-quality transparent silicone, the straps are almost invisible but unlike the strapless brassieres, a bra with clear straps provide solid and reliable lifting, without the risk of cups moving down during active movements.

clear strap bra

Bras with clear straps usually come with removable padding and detachable straps, so you can choose to wear totally clear or glittered straps for a more glamorous look.

It is very rare when unlined bras come with transparent straps. The most common types of bra with clear straps are T-shirt bras, push-up bras, and U-plunge bras, designed for wearing with the low neckline apparel.

With clear straps bra you may not worry about the occasional flash of straps from under your blouse or a dress, besides, it’s a matter of good taste to not to show the signs of an underwear in public.

clear strap bra

As straps are adjustable and flexible, you may regulate their length in accordance with the depth of the cleavage you want. As straps are detachable, latter could be removed, to wear the bra with an entirely open top dress.

clear strap bra

The last, but not the least aspect is a proper size of the bra, especially when it comes to online purchases. Use an online calculator to determine your exact bra size according to international standards. 

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Without a doubt, this year harvested few brightest dresses trends, but please – no rush, as not everything you see on models may serve your look at its best. Let’s find out what type of dresses harmonize your figure and make you look a super star. With these tips you will never miss a chance for looking like a royalty, especially knowing that this look will not cost you a fortune.

Curvy and full bust body

It’s obvious that your advantages must be emphasized, so the full bust will look amazing in dresses with nipped-in waistline where the low cleavage attracts all attention. The length of a dress is of no importance, but a too tight silhouette should be avoided. It’s also crucial for curvy body shape to wear a perfectly fitted bra. If you are in doubts – find tips about the signs you might be wearing the wrong size of a bra

Curvy and full bust bodyCurvy and full bust body

Skinny body with a small bust

Shirring is your best friend! All possible decorations and wavy straps over the bust area will make your upper body look fuller. Waist line is allowed to be wrapped tightly to make a more distinguished difference between waist and bust lines. Unless you have a sporty and curvy butts, the tight wrapping of hips are should be avoided by all means.

Skinny body with a small bustdress for skinny body


If you want to look a bit taller – you should avoid bouffant long skirts and full midi-dresses, as latter make legs visually shorter. Your perfect dress is of a knee-length, with simple and straight silhouette where your waist-line is not too distinguished. Maxi sleeveless dresses with high neck-line are also your winning choice! By the way, when it comes to sleeves always remember that long sleeves make you look higher, while mid-length sleeves visually cut your body, making it look shorter (especially with bright or dark colors).

dress for shorty womendress for shorty women

“Apple” shape

In order to harmonize the body shape, you may try short dresses with circle skirts. Your goal is to emphasize your beautiful legs, full bust and nice shoulders shape, taking attention away from the middle part of your body. Almost all types of dresses suit well for the apple shaped body, except dresses with inbuilt or nipped waist-line.

Apple shape dress

“Pear” shape

Pear body shape is a most common type amongst women, where the hips area is bigger than the upper body area. Depending on how distinguished the difference is, there might appear the need to hive overly full hips and add some volume to the bust and shoulders. For narrow shoulders, sleeveless dresses are not a good choice, same as straight pencil dresses are wrong for wide hips.

Your perfect choice is a bust enhancing neck-line, buffed shoulders, and a knee-length dress.

Flared skirts should be considered a crime for the wide hips and thick thighs (especially when the chest are is essentially narrower than a lower part).

pear shape dress

pear shape dress

Hourglass and athletic shape

Well, it may seem that for those lucky women with the perfect body shape everything suit well. Still, you may spoil your look with overly loose dresses or opposite – with too tight ones. Your main goal is to emphasize your perfect shape by wearing dresses with tight waist-line, low neck-line, which shows your cleavage and well-shaped shoulders and nicely wrapped hips with the legendary hourglass feminine curve. 

Hourglass and athletic shape dressHourglass and athletic shape dressHourglass and athletic shape dress

Remember – there is no bad or wrong type of a body shape. There is only wrong style, improper size or simply a bad mood! Smile and happiness are the best woman’s outfit!
We love the quote from a well-known fashion designer, who said: “If a woman looks less beautiful than she can be – it’s a pure crime.”