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Open shoulders dress or one-shoulder top is a wonderful outfit option for the most feminine, romantic look. In order to make this look perfect, the right type of bra is needed. Actually, you could choose whatever the type of cups you prefer, but it’s obvious that straps should not be seen on your shoulders.

That is why bra with clear straps is for you to help. Made of thin high-quality transparent silicone, the straps are almost invisible but unlike the strapless brassieres, a bra with clear straps provide solid and reliable lifting, without the risk of cups moving down during active movements.

clear strap bra

Bras with clear straps usually come with removable padding and detachable straps, so you can choose to wear totally clear or glittered straps for a more glamorous look.

It is very rare when unlined bras come with transparent straps. The most common types of bra with clear straps are T-shirt bras, push-up bras, and U-plunge bras, designed for wearing with the low neckline apparel.

With clear straps bra you may not worry about the occasional flash of straps from under your blouse or a dress, besides, it’s a matter of good taste to not to show the signs of an underwear in public.

clear strap bra

As straps are adjustable and flexible, you may regulate their length in accordance with the depth of the cleavage you want. As straps are detachable, latter could be removed, to wear the bra with an entirely open top dress.

clear strap bra

The last, but not the least aspect is a proper size of the bra, especially when it comes to online purchases. Use an online calculator to determine your exact bra size according to international standards.