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Hello my charming ladies and everyone who is the same fashion and lingerie addict as me. I am Dorothy Shank and I invite you into my world of beauty and style which I create for you every day.

I named my blog Morgan vs Morgan after my two adorable pugs who are twins, and since they have no difference between them I called them Morgan and Morgan! I love them to pieces and when I call Morgan – both of them run to me and that simply makes me smile).

morgan and morgan

With the boundless love to my furry babies and to the Fashion, I run this blog and my only wish is to make you interested, captivated, and happy.

I follow the latest trends, stars Instagram accounts, and fashion news and I am also a frequent guest at major fashion runways. Although I love everything about style and clothing, the special place in my heart still belongs to lingerie. I can’t help I am simply mesmerized by all the variety of beautiful lace bras and sensual sets which (I know!) makes a hypnotic effect on men. I also love to wear comfortable, high-quality underwear and I know how to choose the right lingerie for every occasion. I will share it all with you.

If my posts and advice will help you to become more picky and sophisticated about the lingerie, it will make my mission accomplished! We, ladies, are queens, so we should not only wear like queens but also feel like we wear a crown on our heads!

Sincerely yours,

Dorothy ♥